drinking glasses by maria sparre-petersen

The drinking glasses are designed to be made from recycled container glass. Hence, the colour range is based on the existing colours in the recycling stream.

Facetted Bowls by Maria sparre-petersen

The facetted bowls are designed to be manufactured by use of the pressing technique from recycled container glass, to ensure recyclability.

Cubes by Maria Sparre-Petersen

The Cubes are slipcast porcelain stackable boxes with details inspried by origami.


TOYS by Maria Sparre-Petersen

The Toys are glass or wooden balls with embedded magnets that secure fastening to the metal balls. The toys can move about and be combined in endless geometrical composures.


Facetted stemware by Maria Sparre-Petersen

Facetted candle holders by Maria Sparre-Petersen

coffee glasses by Maria Sparre-Petersen